Handling variables

Custom variables that the theme author defines can be provided by users of your theme through attributes and then used inside your theme with double curly brackets, for example {{username}}.

If you would like to provide a fallback for a variable that might be empty,
this can be done like so {{username ?? 'Unknown username'}}.

<template id="vars-theme">
    <slot name="media" slot="media"></slot>
    <media-text-display slot="top-chrome">
      {{videotitle ?? 'Unknown video title'}}
    <media-text-display slot="top-chrome">
      {{username ?? 'Unknown user'}}

<media-theme template="vars-theme" username="bobbytables">

Edit Media Chrome Vars Theme

In the example above the username attribute is provided to the <media-theme> element and this is then rendered in the template. The videotitle defaults to the value defined after the double question-mark operator in the theme.

Avoid using native HTML attributes for variables. This includes things like:

  • title - The native title attribute will add a tooltip on mouse hover.
    You can use something like videotitle instead.
  • style - The native style attribute is used for CSS.

Also avoid attribute names that conflict with the Special variables listed below.
Attributes set on <media-theme> will override the Special variables.

There are a few special template variables that are available by default. These are derived from the media state that the media controller collects.

  • streamtype - The media type that is loaded, either on-demand or live.
  • targetlivewindow - The duration of the live window that can be seeked.
    For regular live this value is 0, for DVR this is greater than 0.
  • breakpointsm - The value is true when the small breakpoint is activated.
  • breakpointmd - The value is true when the medium breakpoint is activated.
  • breakpointlg - The value is true when the large breakpoint is activated.
  • breakpointxl - The value is true when the extra-large breakpoint is activated.

Breakpoint variables stack so that each size will include the current size plus all the smaller sizes below it. Learn more about building Responsive themes with breakpoints.

If you add an attribute with a dash like song-title the variable name inside the template will be the camelCase version: songTitle.