Media Chrome Showcase

Here are some projects and web applications that currently use Media Chrome:

Mux Player. Mux’s in-house video player uses Media Chrome under the hood. In addition to the linked product page, Mux Player is also open source under Mux Elements.

Mux Player built with Media Chrome

Player by on

Caffeine TV player built with Media Chrome

Here are some resources that relate to the evolving ideas, development, & history of Media Chrome.

Designing a player for the context and UX you want -- Christian Pillsbury, TMI, 2022

Building the next generation of video players with Media Chrome -- Dylan Jhaveri, Mux blog, 2022

HTML, the Hero of the Web -- Wesley Luyten, Mux blog, 2022

Rip your player’s face off -- Steve Heffernan, Demuxed, 2021

Accessibility & Media Players -- Christian Pillsbury, Demuxed, 2021

It’s time to rebuild your player with web components -- Steve Heffernan, Demuxed, 2020

Other browser APIs that are going to change video on the web -- Steve Heffernan, Demuxed, 2015